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Microsoft Ultrabook Touch, Next Big Thing Says Analyst

A hybrid tablet/notebook not unlike the Asus Eee Pad Transformer could be the next big thing, according to financial analyst, Rick Sherlund, who published a report that highlights how the hybrid device could herald a new revolution for Intel (via geekwire).

The devices, he said, could be called "Ultrabook Touch" and will borrow a few features from Intel's Ultrabook hardware specifications.

Namely the form factor (thin and light), smartphone-like behaviour (always connected, instant-on) as well as an extended battery life.

Sherlund said "We are bullish on fiscal 2013, anticipating a rich year of new products in high margin businesses including the launch of Windows 8 on a new breed of Ultrabook Touch devices which we believe will generate a compelling upgrade cycle, a new version of Office for Windows 8 code named Office 15 (with touch capabilities of the Windows Metro interface), and a significant new version of the Windows Server operating system (Windows Server 8)."

That said ARM and Android are already a few steps ahead of both Windows and Microsoft and with Windows 8 for ARM coming with native touchscreen capabilities, Intel could find itself isolated if more manufacturers decide to develop Windows 8 for ARM hybrid laptop/tablets.