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Nokia Windows Phone 7 Lumia 800 delayed until next year

* UPDATE 1 - Vodafone ** UPDATE 2 - Orange ** UPDATE 3 - Nokia ** UPDATE 4 - Three *

On-line mobile phone retailer Clove has made public the NokiaLumia 800 won’t be arriving with them until January 2012, where the handset is not tied to a contract and has a cost attached of £442.80

Clove unveiled this news in a blog post to their website, in a message that reads: ‘It’s bad news on the Nokia front this afternoon unfortunately. We can now confirm that the Nokia Lumia 800 will not be available SIM-free in the UK until January 2012’.

Nokia’s Lumia 800 was launched at Nokia World 2011, following on from the joint announcement by Nokia and Microsoft in February this year surrounding Windows Phone 7 replacing the Symbian OS on their handsets.

The Lumia 800 is the first Windows Phone 7 mobile to ship from Nokia, which has the design and similar hardware feature-set to their N9 handset from the Summer, besides being the first device to run the MeeGo platform – co-developed by Nokia and Intel.

The Nokia WP7 phone is due to go on sale on monthly contracts on November 16th, with Orange, Three and Vodafone – in addition to Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U.

Three do have the phone on a pay as you go deal still for £399, although the Nokia Lumia 800 will be tied to the network.

One Mobile Ring has been in contact with the various networks in order to determine if they are all on schedule with their roll out of the phone, or if this only has an impact on the SIM free and unlocked version.

* UPDATE 4 - Nokia *

Three has confirmed that there are no issues in supply for Three.

* UPDATE 3 - Nokia *

Nokia has now issued a statement to the media surrounding the delay, which reads: 'The Nokia Lumia 800 goes on sale on the 16th of November as we stated during the launch at Nokia World. There are some rather odd stories circulating at present, it's rather flattering as it proves that there are a lot of people who believe the Lumia 800 will be a major sales item and are now trying to get it onto their shelves.'

The press announcement goes on to state - ' However for the rollout of our first Lumia products, we have chosen to work with the UK operator and retail partners who shared our enthusiasm and commitment to bring these first products to market with a major focus on bringing alive the Nokia with Windows Phone experience for consumers. Therefore we are making sure that by using these channels the Lumia 800 will be available to our customers in the widest variety of outlets from SIM free to contract.'

Whilst wrapping up with: 'We have also worked extensively to train these channels to support the product. From Q1 next year we will be supplying the product to our wider UK distribution network and in the interim we will be supporting these additional channels with training ready for this wider reach.'

* UPDATE 2 - Orange *

Orange has confirmed it is still on track for a November launch for the Lumia 800.

* UPDATE 1 - Vodafone *

Vodafone is still on track with November 16th, for the Nokia 800 arriving on contracts.

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