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Panoramic mode comes to the Apple iPhone and iPad

Apple programmer Conrad Kramer has uncovered a panoramic capture mode inside of the latest version of the Apple device iOS 5 operating system, which will allow users to capture several images and then join them all together for one elongated picture.

The coder who discovered this hidden ability made public the news from his @conradev Twitter account, in a tweet that reads: ‘ So, I found out how to enable Panorama is the iOS Camera app. Set the key 'EnableFirebreak' to YES in ’.

Panoramic mode has seen a revival of late in camera phones, where handset makers such as Sony Ericsson included this feature in an update to their Xperia arc handset – the Xperia arc S.

One Mobile Ring has captured this ability at a Sony Ericsson event in London, in both pictures here and on video here – in which the resulting panoramic image is actually caught in 3D, although only viewable on a compatible TV screen.

Google has included a panoramic capture mode in their Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ 4.0 operating system, although it is not clear at this stage whether this feature is hardware dependent.

We caught this in action on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset at its launch event in London, which can be seen here.

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