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Samsung Windows 8 touchscreen PCs coming in 2012

Samsung has announced it will be launching a line-up of Windows 8-enabled touchscreen PCs in the second half of 2012.

This announcement came from the head of sales and marketing at Samsung, Uhm Kyu Ho. He went on to say that the first generation will likely be based around the Series 7 computer, utilising a wireless keyboard as well as a touchscreen for input.

One of they key features of Microsoft's upcoming operating system is the ability of machines to boot up almost instantly at the touch of a button, thanks to a hybrid of cold boot and hibernation. This system does, however, require a solid state disk - so it'll be interesting to see how pricey these devices are at launch. While SSDs have come down in cost, they're still far more expensive per GB than a traditional hard drive - though of course, far faster.

The Inquirer reports that in an effort to push the new platform, Samsung confirmed that it would be offering all Series 7 owners a cost-effective upgrade to the new Windows 8-enabled devices when they became available.

Working with Microsoft marks an interesting change in Samsung's business practices, which have so far - in the tablet game - been focused on Android devices. Further competition in the market will be a good thing for consumers, but perhaps Samsung also feels that working with a company as well established as Microsoft may give it more protection against any further lawsuits from legal-trigger-happy rival Apple.

The company recently saw its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet banned from sale in Australia - though it has emerged that at least one retailer has found its own method of circumventing the ban. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.