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SAP to Release Business Warehouse Software, Runs on In-Memory Database, HANA

SAP, at the Sapphire conference held at Madrid, might make some official announcement related to various services like mobile apps, in-memory computing and also cloud-based services.

As per expectation, prime focus will be on HANA, which is SAP's in-memory database. Before the conference, Vishal Sikka, the Chief of technology and executive board member, in an interview said that SAP will soon announce release of Business Warehouse software that runs on the top of HANA.

"That is a major milestone, demonstrating that HANA is a full database able to handle the load of a data warehouse," he stated, as reported (opens in new tab) by Computer World.

Calling it a "huge milestone," Sikka said that all around the world 16,000 BW deployments are in existence that give HANA an opportunity to lure a large market.

SAP will also release a "third support package" for HANA which will provide additional features like few predictive analysis libraries and also an Information Composer tool. Besides this, HANA updates will offer reliability as well as performance improvement which will include integration with SAP's system of Solution Manager, point-in-time recovery and also high speed data loading, as reported by Computer World.