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Take Panoramic Photos with your iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 or iPad 2

Panorama Mode is a feature included in iOS 5 camera app that we knew existed but few had managed to access - until now. Recently, developer Conrad Kramer discovered how to enable the mode which allows users to create panoramic images, then shortly after that an app called Firebreak appeared making it even more simple to turn on.

According to Conrad Kramer's solution, all users have to do to enable this feature is to set the key 'EnableFirebreak' to YES in the file, which is used to store user preferences on the iPhone.

For those who have a jailbroken iPhone its even easier, as a jailbreak tweak called FireBreak has been released (opens in new tab) in Cydia app store by developer 'chpwn' enabling you to activate the panoramic mode on your iPhone. The solution does however require a gyroscope capable device, in other words an iPhone 4, 4S or iPad 2 to function.

Technology reviewers wonder why Apple has preferred to keep this capability secret, perhaps Apple developers are testing this feature and a more improved app is waiting to be released soon.

The first rumours related to the Panorama mode surfaced a few months ago, when Apple released iOS 5 for the developers. Certain codes in the beta version of Apple's latest operating system suggested a feature that would allow users to capture panorama images based on multiple shots.

Some developers managed at the time to take superwide photos of their environment using the iOS built-in camera app. And now, everyone can enjoy this feature, but with a thought lingering in the back of the mind: what is Apple preparing next?

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