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Acer and Asus Giving Up On Ultrabooks Already?

Taiwanese sources have apparently confirmed to Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai from Digitimes that Asus and Acer, two of the first companies to have rolled out Ultrabooks, have decreased orders from 250K-300K to 150K-180K, which represents a massive 40 per cent drop.

Sources within the upstream ODM community claim that this was due to "unsatisfactory sales". An Asus spokesperson said however, that "the company is optimistic about demand for its Zenbook and its goal remains unchanged.".

Ultrabooks have been hit hard by the current economic situation given that they're priced much higher than the rest of the notebook market.

What's more, Ultrabooks are merely catching up with, rather than surpassing the existing design introduced by Apple's MacBook Air.

The publication notes that notebook players are focusing on the second quarter of next year with demand surging in October 2012 when Windows 8 officially launches.

But while Ultrabooks are essentially an Intel marketing term for an ultra portable, posh version of the netbook, they could well face some very serious competition from ARM and its partners.

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