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Amazon boosts Kindle Fire production to meet demand

Amazon has increased production of its Kindle Fire tablet PC after demand for the device outstripped early expectations. Originally the e-tailer was looking to have some 3.5 million units produced by the end of the year, but this figures has now been boosted to 5 million to keep up with demand.

While Barnes and Noble might have beaten Amazon to the punch with the launch of its Nook tablet a couple of days ago, the Kindle Fire is still set for release on the 15th of November, though only in the US.

While it's impossible to know exactly how many units the Kindle Fire will sell until it's released, pre-orders are coming in strong - and data from a recent survey by Changeweave has shown some interesting trends.

All those surveyed were so-called 'early adopters' - the type of consumer that buys the latest technology immediately upon its release.

Twenty-six per cent of those polled said they were putting off buying an iPad in favour of seeing how good the Kindle Fire was. (Which does beg the question as to whether these people were true early adopters, the iPad 2 having been out for some time now.)

Twelve per cent of respondents said they were waiting for the Kindle Fire in preference to buying other tablets, with a collective of 27 per cent saying they would buy a Fire instead of their intended smartphones, laptops, netbooks and Amazon's Kindle eReader.

While the iPad has shrugged all competitors in the tablet game so far, it'll be interesting to see if the Kindle Fire can at least put a dent in its business. Perhaps by being more cost-effective, the $199 Kindle Fire can tap into a market that Apple's geek chic hardware can't reach. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.