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Amazon Extends AWS Reach with New Oregon Data Centre

In Oregon, Amazon Web Services are opening a new data centre and Amazon claimed that the Oregon facility will cost less than what the West Coast facility in California costs.

Business houses now can now utilise various Amazon Web Services like Simple Storage Service, Elastic Compute Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud and such other services from the latest centre.

These services will cost less than 10% less than what it costs in Amazon's Northern California region and almost costs equal to the Northern Virginia region's facilities.

The reason behind lowering the costs is that Amazon is able to cut down their costs by building the data centre by the Columbia River, a place where cheap access to hydroelectric power is available.

This is the same reason why Yahoo, Dell, Microsoft, Facebook all have built their huge data centres in Oregon or Washington, reported PC World.

Amazon has not declared the exact location of the data centre. However, a Portland newspaper on early October reported about a 120,000 square feet data centre in Boardman, a centrally located town in Oregon, the report was published in Oregon Live.