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ARM Debuts Mali-T658 GPU Behemoth

ARM announced this morning the launch of its next generation GPU, the Mali-T658, which will come after the yet to be launched Mali-T604 and will be ten times more powerful than the mainstream Mali 400 MP, which is found inside the Samsung Galaxy S2.

ARM told us that the first Mali-T658 based products will be launched by 2013, within the next 18 months. The GPU is the next Midgard unit and can scale up to eight cores; we were told that their base clock speeds would be faster than the current Mali-400MP but that the power envelope would be - as expected - significantly less than the current GPU.

ARM also says that the T-658 is a whopping 4X more powerful when it comes to compute performance compared to the Mali-T604.

The release comes a few weeks after ARM released its new big.LITTLE paradigm, presented a new core, the Cortex A7 and announced the 64-bit V8 architecture, which plugs a major hole in ARM's roadmap.

The new GPU falls in line with ARM's long term strategy of getting a GPU portfolio that can scale all the way from an entry level smartphone to what ARM calls the "4K mass market". In addition, the T-658 will also cement ARM's presence in the GPU compute ecosystem by allowing it to deliver heterogeneous energy-efficient computing.

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