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ASA Bans Motorola Defy Ad, Says ‘Ads Misleadingly Exaggerated Performance’

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has banned Motorola from using the ads for its Defy smartphone, which claimed that the device was indestructible.

The company claimed in a series of ads that the phone was incapable of any injury owing to its strong design. One of the ads showed someone dropping the device on the dance floor and another showed the device submerged in the pool.

The ads contained words like "dance floor proof", "splash proof" and "life proof". The ASA however, believes otherwise.

The regulator said that it was reacting to complaints made by three device owners who claimed that the screen of their Android based Defy handset cracked after they dropped it.

The ASA ruled that the ads were ‘misleading' and should be banned. Motorola on the other hand, claimed that the ads were not misleading in any way because it had 300 tests to prove that the device is indeed very strongly built.

The 300 tests that Motorola claimed to have performed on the device were not enough for the Advertising Standards Authority.

"Because we had not seen evidence that dropping the Defy from the height shown in the ads would not damage the phone, we concluded that the ads misleadingly exaggerated the performance of the product," the ASA said.