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Experts See Mobile Phones as ‘Health Time Bomb'

Heath experts in the UK have warned that mobile phones are a ‘health time bomb' about to go off and have asked the government to issue warning to the public.

According to Daily Mail, health experts have pointed to more than 200 medical studies that link diseases such as brain tumours to the use of mobile phones.

In a report released by experts, they have blasted the government for refusing to heed their warning and tell the public about the health risks that they face due to continuous exposure to mobile phones. According to the report, young children were at the maximum risk as their skulls were not thick enough to fend off the radiation.

"Vast numbers of people are using mobile phones and they could be a time bomb of health problems - not just brain tumours, but also fertility, which would be a serious public health issue," said Professor Denis Henshaw.

"The health effects of smoking, alcohol and air pollution are well known and well talked about, and it's entirely reasonable we should be openly discussing the evidence for this, but it's not happening. We want to close the door before the horse has bolted" he added.

He also claimed that mobile phones should come with cigarette style warnings about the health risk they pose.