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Google Android Director Shares Insights About Ice Cream Sandwich, Other Products

Matias Duarte, an Android director at Google, has explained the thoughts behind changing Android's type in Ice Cream Sandwich.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), he explained that even though Droid, the previous typeface used in Android, was good it had been designed for mobile screens with lower density, not for existing mobile devices which have HD screens.

The company's decision to introduce a new typeface called Roboto was not gone over well with many, but considering the sea of changes that come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich a new typeface was in order.

Google has designed Roboto to look good on screens of all sizes and makes and it indeed looks quite nice, judging by the screen shot he provided, whichshows Roboto is all of its avatars.

"Most important was to create something that matched our ambitious design goals for Ice Cream Sandwich. Emotionally we wanted Ice Cream Sandwich to enchant you, to be attractive and eye-catching," Duarte said.

"Our new typeface had to be modern, crisp, and structured to match our new emphasis on open layouts and rigid grid alignments, but also friendly and approachable to make Android appealing, and a little bit more human," he added.