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Impact of Social Media Advertising on Consumers Uncertain

A recent Digital Life report, published by research firm, TNS, showed that 61 percent, or two third of Brits, have no intention or desire to communicate with various brands on social networking and media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

In the survey, conducted on 72,000 web users across 60 countries, it was revealed that businesses are wasting their time, money and also "generating mountains of digital waste, from friendless Facebook accounts to blogs no one reads" because they do not succeed in listening to the needs of customers, as reported by PC Advisor.

Interestingly, 47 percent digital consumers are active in commenting about brands online. Ironically, these comments along with digital waste spread by businesses makes it harder for brands to reach out to users in digital world. Still, 54 percent users accept that social networks are good for knowing about various products.

Chief Development Officer for TNS, Matthew Froggatt, said, "Winning and keeping customers is harder than ever. Digital waste is the accumulation of thousands of brands rushing online without thinking who they want to talk to - and why," reports PC Advisor.