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iOS Flaw could Expose iPhones, iPads to Malicious Apps

Despite users' confidence in Apple's ecosystem, a researcher recently found a dangerous bug in iOS 5 that apparently lets hackers bypass the App Store and take control of iPhones or iPads, The Daily Mail (opens in new tab) reports.

Dr Charlie Miller, a computer security researcher at Accuvant speaking to CNN informed the public about his recent discovery. According to Dr. Miller, this bug in iOS 5 could allow malicious apps to take control of the devices, which could give hackers access to photos, documents or contacts stored on iPhones or iPads and "ship them off to a bad guy", as he puts it.

To make matters even worse, the malicious app can send messages or make calls billed to the owner of the infected device, without any indication in the "sent messages" or "call history" folders. At this point, any app could be infected with the malicious code.

Dr. Miller explained that he contacted Apple three weeks ago about this problem and the Cupertino-based company replied that the teams there are looking into the problem.

However, Dr. Miller managed to place a testing app in the Apple Store called Instastock containing malicious code. After the flaw was revealed publicly, Instastock was removed from the App Store and Dr. Miller was banned from Apple's developer program for a year. Probably just to say "thank you" for discovering a flaw that could affect a huge number of users.

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