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iOS 5 is Already Running on 38% of iPhones

Apple's latest operating system is powering almost 40% of the iPhones currently in use, according to a recent report.

Following the release of iOS 5 last month users have stormed to update their operating system; Chitika Insights (opens in new tab) reported that iOS 5 is running on 38% of iPhones, 30% of iPads and 12% of the iPod Touch devices. A previous report revealed that iOS 5 was loaded on 20% of all iOS devices just two weeks after the platform debuted.

The release has not been without problems. Following some difficulties with the upgrading process itself, users complained about their devices having a shorter battery life; initially the problem was attributed to hardware issues on the iPhone 4S.

Users and Apple engineers alike soon realised that complaints about this problem had arisen after upgrading to iOS 5 regardless of the device. Apple has promised to fix the problem with an update, which will also solve some bugs with iCloud documents, a smart cover security flaw and Siri's ability to understand commands given with an Australian or Scottish accent (leaping far ahead of the average human ear).

The fast adoption indicated by Chitika Insights could also be explained by one particularity of Apple users. Customers who buy from Apple are loyal to the brand and tend to buy many complementary devices, so when such users upgrade their operating system, they do so on all the devices they own.

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