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Microsoft Confirms Revamp, To Add Social Features recently confirmed that in "coming days" will be changing for the better. A blog forum stated that very soon the users will get access to some new features designed for the latest 360 dashboard updates through a new addition in the site.

The "My Xbox" section of the website will be replaced with the "Social" tab with which the gamers will be the first ones to try new Beacons features, according to the The Xbox blog.

The blog reads that the new feature "lets you mark games you want to play with others, making it easier to find friends who want to play the same games."

The new changes will let gamers keep an eye on what their friends are doing on Xbox LIVE and also a chance to experience the newest Beacons features that allows marking of games that the gamer wants to play with others, which makes it easier to find gamers who are interested in the same game.

The blog post also confirmed that there are "other site enhancements" that are lined up which includes the "ability to search the Zune video catalog and buy movies and TV shows right from your browser".