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Microsoft Supports Windows Phone Jailbreak Tool

Software giant Microsoft has decided to join a group of developers who had launched jailbreaking tools for its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

According to The Register, at first, Microsoft was not pleased with the ChevronWP7 tool for Windows Phone 7.

The company had retaliated by refusing to provide updates to jailbroken devices but had decided not to remotely brick them.

Now, a new version of ChevronWP7, which is available for $9 per device, has indications that Microsoft is now also involved in the process and the tool requires people to sign in with their Windows Live ID.

"Microsoft is collaborating with the ChevronWP7 team in its efforts to create tools for the Windows Phone hobbyist developer community," Microsoft said in a statement to The Register.

"We are working with ChevronWP7 team to help ensure that their tools are safe for hobbyist developers while respecting the intellectual property of our developer community. Microsoft believes in enabling as many developers and enthusiasts as possible, empowering them to learn, grow, and get the most benefit on our platform", the company added.