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Nokia maps leaked for all Windows Phone 7 handsets

Popular mobile phone resource website XDA-Developers has discovered the application for the pre-installed Nokia Maps, whilst making it available to be used on other non-Finnish phones.

Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft in February this year, which sees Windows Phone 7 being used as the main platform on their handsets – with aspects such as the Nokia Maps being made available to be used by Microsoft.

Nokia World 2011 saw the launch of the first WP7 run mobile phone from the Finnish handset manufacturer, which contained the renowned pre-installed Nokia tile Maps and the new Nokia turn-by-turn vector based Sat Nav software.

Mobile news website (opens in new tab) has now published a piece that shows the title based preinstalled maps, siting all the sources of this news together.

The application can be found here (opens in new tab), whilst a coder has re engineered the application for other Windows Phone 7 handsets to use here (opens in new tab).

Nokia Maps apparently is coming to other Microsoft mobile OS run handsets, although OMR has had confirmation that the vector-based Nokia Drive will only be seen on their own devices.

Check out the video below which actually shows the Nokia Maps running on a non-Nokia phone

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