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Nokia Music no longer exclusive to Nokia Windows Phone 7 mobile

On-line mobile phone new site and forum Smartphonegurus has published details that the NokiaMusic application that was solely to be found on the Finnish mobile phone makers handsets, where is now available for other Microsoft OS based mobiles.

Smartphonegurus has managed to take the Nokia Music app out of a Nokia Lumia 800 phone, which allows for free playback of the millions of Nokia music back catalogue of tracks – to be used on any other WP7 device.

The news was made public in a Windows Phone software forum, in a post that reads: ‘I have extracted, tested and run the Nokia Music Windows Phone application that comes with the new Lumia Windows Phones, it's a great app and it all seems to work as it should.’

The poster, Boz, goes on to mentioned – ‘The Nokia Music v1.5?.0.0?. XAP file is available for download and should work on all unlocked Windows Phones. It shows an update available through the Marketplace but doesnt update, as I assume it's because it's not officially available! It's not considered warez as it's a free application.'

Check out the video below, detailing the Nokia Music application on an HTC Trophy.

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