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OCZ launches new 'PC Power and Cooling' PSU range

OCZ has been showing off a new line of power supplies due to be released under the 'PC Power and Cooling' name. There will be three units in the new Silencer Mk III series, each featuring 80 PLUS Bronze certification.

The line-up will include a budget 400W unit, a mid-range 500W and a high-end 600W model. The entire range will feature modular cabling for the PCI-Express, Molex four pin and SATA power connectors, with the motherboard 20+4pin and CPU 8-pin power headers hardwired.

All models will include active Power Factor Correction (PFC), 105°C Japanese capacitors and a 120mm PWM fan to keep the internals cool. Only one 12V rail is used, which makes the higher-wattage units compatible with multi-card SLI and Crossfire configurations.

Fudzilla reports that apart from the maximum wattage, the only real differences between units will be the choice of cabling available. The base 400W unit will come with a single eight-pin PCI-Express connector, three four-pin Molex and six SATA.

The 500W model will feature the same load-out for SATA and Molex connectors, but adds a second eight-pin PCIe and eight-pin CPU power cable, making it compatible with dual-CPU motherboards. The 600W features the same cabling as its mid-range brother.

OCZ has yet to announce pricing or availability for the units, so this is more of a paper launch than anything. It has revealed that the hardware will come backed with a five-year warranty though - so as long you don't go dunking your PC in oil to prove your hardcore modding status, you should be well protected. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.