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Oracle Introduces Solaris 11 Unix System after Numerous Scheduling Delays

Oracle announced its Solaris 11 Unix system which has been developed under the codename "Nevada." This development was perfected at former Sun Microsystems and it represents a base for the future "Sparc systems business" that Oracle is hoping to re-make.

Solaris 11 was released behind schedule, in part, because of the acquisition of Sun this January followed by a few changes in the system as well as chips before and after the acquisition deal, and, most importantly, Oracle's effort to provide full leverage to the Sparc OS, its processor, middleware, Oracle stack of databases and also the app software, as per reports published in The Register.

Mark Hurd, Oracle's co-president,who took over a year ago called Solaris "the first cloud OS" adding that it is "the best OS in the world, the best Unix, with zero overhead virtualisation."

Hoping for huge success, Hurd said, there were some "hundreds and hundreds of thousands" of Sparc systems operating in the whole world and over 60,000 customers are currently using it and out of which 750 are already having Solaris 11 in the process of productions, as reported by the Register.