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New Pocket Projector for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 from Brookstone and TI

Texas Instruments has joined forces with retailer Brookstone to bring out another gadget for Apple lovers: the Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 (opens in new tab) and iPhone 4S.

The new product incorporates the Pico projector technology that Texas Instruments has developed with a design similar to an iPhone battery case. Brookstone advertises the iPhone projector case, which has a price tag of $230, as ideal for on-the-go travel entertainment.

Its 15-lumen LED projector lamp is above the average for pico projectors, the gadget is capable of displaying a 50 inch image with a native display resolution of 640x360. If there are problems with the image clarity, the users can adjust it accordingly with the help of the small dial.

The built in 0.5W speaker is placed on the back of the case that delivers the audio signal. This projector case works with any app that supports the dock connector video out. iPhone owners can make the best of Videos, Photos, YouTube apps and designated third-party apps.

One of the convenient features is that the Pocket Projector has an integrated USB chargeable 2100mAh battery. When it is completely charged, the projector can also be used as a back-up battery for the iPhone.

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