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Survey: 26% Kindle Fire Buyers Put iPad 2 Purchase on Hold

A new survey has revealed that 26 percent of people who plan to buy a Kindle Fire have put off buying the Apple iPad tablet device.

According to a survey conducted by ChangeWave and RBC Capital Markets, the demand for the Kindle Fire, which will be launched next week, is more than the demand enjoyed by the iPad 2, indicating that Amazon could pose serious problems for Apple in near future reports Apple Insider.

With Kindle Fire, Amazon is finally moving into the tablet space with the Kindle brand and 18 million books, movies and songs in tow.

Another great factor which would ensure the success of Kindle Fire is the price. The tablet device is available for $199 while the Apple iPad 2 starts with $499 for the basic model.

Out of the 2,600 respondents that were polled, 5 percent said that they had already pre-ordered the device or were very likely to purchase one soon. Compared to the Kindle Fire, 4 percent people had purchased or were planning to purchase the iPad 2.

Meanwhile, analysts estimate that Amazon has received more a million pre-orders for the Kindle Fire device ahead of its launch.