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Tech City of UK Creates Two Smartphone Apps

Tech City of UK finally created smartphone apps for iPhone as well as Android operating system by using UK technology in UK and for the government of UK. Now users of this app, which will publish events, news and also "exclusive content" related to East London tech hub, can get to know everything.

All te information will be published by HM Government, as reported by Tech Radar.

The Tech City app will also have AR features developed by the British firm, Autonomy, that will provide some augmented reality to this new app.

Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy, said, "It seems absolutely right that Aurasma - a technology developed here in the UK by Autonomy - has been chosen to enable this Tech City app."

Lynch also added, "Aurasma is going to bring a whole new dimension to Tech City, bringing physical locations to virtual life and allowing visitors to see and interact with the area in a completely new visual way," as reported by Tech Radar.

The two apps will also display the things done by government. Thus, these apps can be seen as an effective bridge between people and the government.