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Video calling comes to Windows Phone 7 device, but not from Skype

Leaders in mobile video communications Tango has announced their video calling application is now available for the MicrosoftWindows Phone 7 operating system, allowing free video calling over 3G and WIFI.

Tango will be the first video calling service for the Windows Phone 7 OS to support the front facing camera, found on the latest devices around today. The ‘Mango’ update can also take advantage of Tango to connect with family and friends, from the People Hub.

The Tango app for WP7 was designed for the platform’s user interface, whilst taking native elements from the Microsoft OS so that Windows Phone users will know exactly how Tango works the first time they use the service.

Users can easily swipe and scroll through the application, making the experience simple and familiar, where this new software allows Tango members to make free phone calls and free video calls to many different Tango run devices, such as iOS and Android tablets and phones.

Microsoft recently acquired popular IM and video calling company Skype in May, where many were hoping a Skype application for Windows Phone 7 would be available by now with video calling.

Check out the video demo below of Tango running on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

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