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Wales to Get Its Own Domain Name

The majority of people in Wales believe the country should get its own domain name, a new survey has found.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on BBC News, a survey of businesses and web users in Wales informed that they would like to have a .wales and .cymru domain name instead of using .uk.

The survey, conducted by domain name registry Nominet, polled 1,003 people - out of which 21 percent spoke Welsh ane 250 were decision makers in Welsh companies.

Nominet said that 69 percent of consumers had voted that Wales should get its own domain name while 59 percent of businesses and other organisations had done the same. Experts believe that it would be good branding for the country, but some say that it could lead to a rise in online fraud.

"On the consumer side there was a slightly higher preference for .cymru. Among businesses there was a much stronger preference for .wales to help them market themselves outside of the country," Nominet's director of business development, Glenn Hayward, told the BBC.

Internet's regulatory body ICANN is planning to allow countries and businesses to start applying for high level, customised domain names beginning in January 2012.