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Android-Like iPhone Autocorrect Feature Found in iOS 5

Technology enthusiasts keep uncovering new features hidden deep in Apple's latest operating system. After the well concealed Panorama Mode for your iPhone camera found recently in iOS 5, now an autocorrect bar, similar to that found on Android handsets, has been unearthed.

This feature was probably not advertised or described in any detail due to its obvious likeness to the Android feature. This autocorrect keyboard bar allows users to select a word from a selection that appears above the keyboard whilst typing.

If you want to enable the feature (opens in new tab), 9to5 Mac provides six steps:

1> users will have to download iBackupBot

2> back-up your iPhones or iPods in iTunes

3> open iBackupBot and find the backup, then load it

4> find and open the file Library/Preferences/ (if the software isn't registered the user will have to press cancel and then it will open)

5> enter the following code: KeyboardAutocorrectionListsYES

6> to finish, save modifications, and then restore from backup within iBackupbot.

Some technology pundits are suggesting that in light of the new discovery Apple will probably need to add another lawsuit to the already high pile of patent infringement cases the company is embroiled in all over the world.

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