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Apple Sees Demand for Mac Rise in Chinese PC Market

iPad maker Apple is all set to see tremendous growth in the Chinese PC market according to a new survey that reveals 21 percent Chinese want to purchase the Mac.

Morgan Stanley conducted the AlphWise survey which involved 1,553 Chinese customers spread across 16 Chinese cities.

According to an article on Apple Insider, the survey revealed that there was a considerable gap between people who already own a Mac and the ones planning to buy.

The investment bank said that 5 percent of respondents already owned a Mac, but 21 percent of them were planning to purchase one in the future. A rise in Mac would place Apple in the number 2 slot in the Chinese PC market behind Lenovo.

A major portion of Apple's growth in the Chinese PC market would come from Mac laptops, which currently have a 5 percent share. According to the survey, 22 percent plan to purchase a Mac laptop to replace their existing computer.

Amidst all this, the company was also declared the most desirable brand by the Chinese consumers, ahead of Asus, Sony and Lenovo.