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ARM's New Strategy : Mobile As Your Primary Compute Platform

Forget about having multiple devices, ARM is pushing forward a new concept, using mobile as your primary compute platform.

With the advent of the new ARMv8 architecture and the big.LITTLE paradigm, the company is now set to embark on a new phase of its expansion that will see it extend the reach of mobile beyond its traditional remit.

A slide from an ARM presentation sent to us as part of the launch of the Mali-T658 depicts what ARM is aiming for; one device delivering content to many screens with different resolutions, creating and consuming content, new UI paradigms and augmented reality and ubiquitous connectivity and constant updates.

How could that translate into reality? There are already some shifts and hints on the market. The Asus Padfone, the Asus Eee Pad or the Motorola Atrix are three examples of mobile devices that go beyond their remits.

The future may well be one where your mobile phone is your main (or even only) interface with the cloud and other peripherals.

Indeed, your smartphone could be your main computer, replacing your desktop and workstation at work and your set top box at home.