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Barnes & Noble Accuses Microsoft of Hindering Innovation and Fair Competition

Barnes & Noble recently accused Microsoft of using dirty business tactics to try to shut down competitors and hold back innovation.

The company added that Microsoft is doing this to prevent Google's Android mobile platform from gaining prominence in the market and to save their diminishing dominance.

Barnes & Noble, the bookseller, is currently facing a lawsuit by Microsoft for allegedly using techologies patented by Microsoft to design their e-reader, "Nook."

According to B&N, the current success of Android, which is Google's open-source mobile OS for smartphones and tablets, is not only challenging Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, but also threatening Windows PC empire of Microsoft, as reported by Seattle pi.

To fight off this possible scenario, Microsoft is trying to assert its monopoly status to defeat its competitors, B&N pointed out.

The company wrote a letter to the US Department of Justice, in which they mention, "Microsoft is attempting to raise its rivals' costs in order to drive out competition and to deter innovation in mobile devices," as reported on Bloomberg.

Indeed, Microsoft is the prime crusader against Android, who started their mission against the OS in 2010.