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China Telecom Targets Chinese-Americans, Business Travellers with New Phone Service

China Telecom is planning to launch a wireless service in the US, targeting Chinese-American consumers.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on Business Week, the company plans to launch a service under its own brand for Chinese-Americans, tourists and business people who have to travel to and from the two countries.

The handsets the company plans to offer under the service will feature two lines, one will be active when customers are in the US while the other would be activated when in China.

The company, which is also looking for possible acquisitions in both US and Asia, refused to give a definite launch date or pricing plan, but said pricing will be competitive.

Donald Tan, president of China Telecom Americas, said the company was conducting trials with several wholesale network providers in China and would soon select one to provide its network. He refused to mention the name of trial partners.

China Telecom, if it finds the US market favorable, might also set-up or purchase its own network in the US at some point.

"If the service is growing fast, maybe we can set up our own infrastructure. The money is no big problem for us," said Tan.