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City of Rio de Janeiro, IBM Join Hands for Smarter City

The second largest city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is collaborating with IBM to bring few new additions to improve its emergency response system, which will allow the citizen's to access information that would help them manage their daily lives.

One of the new additions is the automated alert system that will be notifying officials as well as emergency personnel about any kind of changes happening in flood or landslide forecast for Rio de Janeiro.

Earlier the notifications of this sort were sent out manually, so the new automated system is expected to considerably reduce the time of reaction to emergency situations.

Now, via mobile communications which includes instant messaging as well as automated email notifications citizens and emergency personnel will be alerted, according to a report published in Wired.

In a two day forum SmarterCities Rio organized by CEO, Chairman and President of IBM, Samuel J. Palmisano, unveiled the details of the new additions and their capabilities.

Regarding these developments Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro said, "In Rio de Janeiro, we are applying technology to benefit the population and effectively transitioning to a smarter city," Wired reported.

The new system is capable of predicting rain as well as possible flash floods and it has also started evaluating weather's effect on other variables of the city like traffic and power outages.