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Complicated Public Wi-Fi Log-on Process Keeping Users at Bay

Wireless Broadband Alliance in a recent report said that, using the public Wi-Fi is so complicated that it has resulted into relatively low usage by the owners of device.

On Wednesday, the industry group of operators having Wi-Fi hotspot networks, Wireless Broadband Alliance, commented that there will be a huge growth in the area of hotspot in the near future. But the only problem is that not many people are accessing this facility due to complex log-in process and simpler authentication technologies are yet to be rolled out.

Currently, login process on public Wi-Fi hotspot cannot be considered user friendly or seamless. To use it the user first must select a hotspot then complete the process of authentication manually to finally log into the Wi-Fi.

Even though for security purposes authentication process is very necessary but Wireless Broadband Alliance wants this process to be automated in near future.

In regards to growth in public Wi-Fi, Chris Bruce, BT Openzone chief as well as Wireless Broadband Alliance chairman said, "we are about to enter the golden age of public Wi-Fi, with hotspot deployments set to soar."

Bruce also added, "Fixed operators are extending broadband services beyond the home and office, and Wi-Fi is supporting busy mobile broadband networks", as published in ZD Net.