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Corsair teams with Marvel for new SATA III SSDs

Corsair has teamed up with Marvell to create a new range of SATA III SSDs, offering high sequential read/write speeds and the ability for TRIM to work in RAID conditions.

The 'Performance Pro' range of SSDs will be available in 128GB and 256GB capacities, and are said to offer sequential read/write speeds of 515MBps and 440MBps respectively.

The main reason that Corsair chose Marvell over main rival SandForce is that the company's new controllers allow the TRIM command - which maximises the use of storage space on the SSD - to run, even when the SSD is mounted with other disks in a RAID configuration.

While SSD performance in certain RAID environments is incredibly impressive, the main issue with it is that traditionally TRIM doesn't work - and without it, the performance of the drives drops considerably over time.

Sequential read/write speeds do often receive a lot of focus as they are the biggest numbers available in regards to performance, so look the most impressive in press releases and on packaging - but, as The Inquirer reports, that the VP of memory products at Corsair said that these SSDs were "designed specifically for real-world performance".

Hexus is quoting prices for the 128GB and 256GB capacities of $279.99 and $529.99, respectively. There's no word yet on what UK and EU pricing will be. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.