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Exclusive : Asus Ultrabooks Doing Very Well In The UK

Following our report yesterday about Taiwanese manufacturers Asus and Acer scaling back their orders for the Ultrabook by up to 40 per cent, one of our contacts in the company came forward to say that things were actually pretty good.

Our source, who will remain anonymous, told us that at least one UK retailer has asked for their next ZENBOOK delivery for Q4 to be brought forward because of high demand, with additional orders being placed for Christmas.

He added, "the ZENBOOK has proved incredibly popular, even before the majority of the stores have the product on display. I can't quote figures, but the ZENBOOK is definitely performing very well in the UK".

Asus, he said, "focused on higher specifications for the UK market to ensure an unrivalled user experience, which might help to explain why we are seeing high demand in the UK."

Other manufacturers such as Lenovo, Toshiba and Acer have also announced a number of Ultrabooks. HP and Dell have also confirmed their own plans to bring out these devices.

Ultrabooks face an uphill battle, given that they cost significantly more than bog standard laptops. The Asus Zenbook UX21E for example costs a whopping £846, which is not far off what you'd pay for a similar configured MacBook Air.

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