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German Agency May Drag Facebook to Court Over Facial Recognition

Germany's data protection agency is preparing to file a lawsuit against Facebook over its controversial facial recognition feature.

According to c|net, German newspaper Deutsche Welle is reporting that the German data protection agency has made up its mind to file a lawsuit against the company.

The facial recognition feature will let users automatically tag their friends in photos pasted on Facebook. However, for allowing this, Facebook has created a massive biometrics database that recognises people from their photos.

Authorities believe that it is a mass invasion of privacy as users were not informed about it beforehand.

"This requires storing a comprehensive database of the biometric features of all users," the privacy and data regulator said in a statement.

"Facebook has introduced this feature in Europe, without informing the user and without obtaining the required consent. Unequivocal consent of the parties is required by both European and national data protection law." it added.

Facebook, which dismissed the impending lawsuit as unnecessary, maintains that the feature does not break European Union law and it has provided sufficient information and education about the feature to its users.