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Google Acquires Apture; Use Contextual Link Technology to Enhance Google Chrome

Google's recent acquisition is a start up, Apture, which focuses on allowing instant access to various information during an in-page search.

Apture, a San Francisco based start up, owns technology that adds contextual links on the web. When users hover over the links, they are provided with more information through a pop up window.

Co-founder and CEO of Apture, Tristan Harris, confirmed that Google's Chrome team helped to close this deal, however, Harris refused to comment on Google's plan regarding this technology, as reported (opens in new tab) by the San Francisco Chronicle.

But, it is clear and obvious that Google can use this technology to include more links to various services from within the Chrome browser. For example, by highlighting addresses on any web page, the user can be directed to Google maps.

Thus, this acquisition can be seen as an effort to improve the overall quality of Chrome, which, according to Larry Page, is part of Google's long term strategy.

At present, Apture has about 10 employees. The company plans to relocate to Mountain View, the headquarters of Google. Terms and finances involved in the acquisition have not yet been declared.