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iPhone 4 / 4S Case Provides Dual SIM and Extra Battery

Just over a month after the keynote that introduced the iPhone 4S to the market presenting it as a "world phone", a new case is unveiled that makes Apple's assertion true.

So far, Apple's promise to release an iPhone with multi band capabilities was only theoretical, as the versions available at the three US carriers have the SIM locked to their network domestically and internationally. This means you can't insert a local SIM when travelling for cheaper rates.

The Vooma Peel PG920 case, reviewed by TechCrunch (opens in new tab) adds dual SIM usage to any jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. After the user has jailbroken the iPhone and downloads the Vooma app, the iPhone inside the case can use the SIM card inside the designated slot.

It seems that the app allows dialing from an interface similar to Apple's dialer - similar, but not exactly the same. The screen appears to be a bitmapped copy, and the letters and numbers are a bit misshaped.

In addition, the new case can act as a backup battery that charges the iPhone. According to the TechCrunch reviewer, the device is still in the testing stage and interested customers are encouraged to ask questions about the device on Vooma's website (opens in new tab). So far, there is no information about the release date or the price tag.

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