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Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo! Combine Advertising Strengths to Wage War on Google

Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo! have forged new online ad partnership to take on Google and Facebook.

The companies said that they will be selling each other's premium left over ad space and operate separate sales team so that they don't violate anti-trust laws.

The internet giants believe that their partnership is going to revolutionise the way online ad space is bought and sold on the web. The partnership is a fresh attempt to challenge Google's dominance in the online ad market thanks to its massively popular search engine.

According to Forbes, the companies said that it would make it easier for customers to purchase scalable premium ad space from them. The companies hope that the service would enhance the value and demand for their online advertising services.

"The agreements will allow ad networks operated by Yahoo!, Microsoft and AOL to offer each other's premium nonreserved online display inventory to their respective advertising customers," said Microsoft in a statement.

"Simultaneously, the partnership should enhance the demand for and value of each party's display advertising offerings as well as provide better yield for both participating publishers and advertisers," the company added.