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Nokia releases two concept experimental mobile phones

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has shown off two handsets that are in the experimental, proof of concept stage – in the Gem and HumanForm mobile phones.

These two handsets have been made public on the 25th anniversary of the Nokia Research Center, where the GEM device changes appearance from camera to phone, or map, according to the function selected by the user where the HumanForm molds itself to the owner.

The Nokia Gem concept mobile is entirely a touchscreen handset, where the back and front are fully interactive, making it possible to pinch and zoom the rear of the phone while getting a constant clear view of the image on the front.

It is said to be possible to have one image wrapped around the whole device, or even one on each side with the same image at differing zoom factors on either side of the phone – allowing the to flip between a detailed map view and large-scale area.

Senior Design Manager Jarkko Saunamäki, who led the team which invented GEM, stated: ‘It’s the ultimate customizable device,’ ‘Now, when you launch an application like the camera, your mobile phone still looks like a mobile phone, but with GEM, when you launch the camera application, the whole phone looks like a camera.’

Nokia HumanForm is an idea developed at Nokia Research Center too, which has lights inside that start flashing and images appear on its skin whilst gaining its name from being able to fit to a human individually.

These two mobiles are to celebrate the way Nokia has changed the world of mobile phones over the past twenty-five years, along with a way to look towards the next 25 and what might come next.

Check out the two videos below that highlight the features of the Gen and HumanForm.

Nokia Gem

Nokia HumanForm

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