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Survey Finds 37% of Employees Accessing Facebook at Work

A new survey has found that a third of employees access social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter at work.

According to a poll conducted by UK based job site Reed, 33 percent of the workers access their social profiles at work while 67 percent choose not to do so.

Out of the workers who admitted using social media at work, 43 percent work in IT, 44 percent belong to the marketing industry, 27 percent come from the finance industry and 33 percent are engineers.

Facebook, the world's largest social networking platform, turned out to be the most popular among workers, with 45 percent accessing their profiles on Facebook. Meanwhile 20 percent and 14 percent accessed their profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter respectively.

The survey also revealed that 28 percent of companies had blocked access to social media platforms, while in 40 percent organisations, the access is limited. However, 32 percent organisations still have no qualms about their employees accessing social media platforms at work.

Surprising, 2 out 3 people believe that companies have the right to block access to social networking websites at work. It was also revealed that 64 percent of people accessed social networking websites at work via mobile while 36 percent did so using a computer.

Find the Infographic here: