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Titanium iPhone 4S Shield Unveiled by De Bethune

Swiss luxury watchmaker De Bethune recently announced a very limited edition case for the iPhone 4S, the Dream Watch IV.

The case, of which 12 pieces will be manufactured, has a futuristic appearance and is made of bead blasted titanium and also features a mechanical timepiece. The watch is also encrusted with diamonds and 18k white gold in perfect contrast with the background of blued titanium, looking like a starry night sky with two revolving disks displaying the time.

The case is shaped like a spaceship and meant to catch the eye with its shining light effects playing along sleek angles and perfectly smooth surfaces, while the toughest materials act like an armour around the iPhone.

The Swiss casemaker incorporated a watch in an iPhone case earlier this year, proving that the latest in smartphone technology and a pocket watch with a classic appearance could make a perfect match. At the time, De Bethune released the exclusive DBM case, made out of chestnut brown alligator leather with a DB 1024 classic watch incorporated in the case.

According to a press release (opens in new tab)by De Bethune, the Dream Watch IV iPhone 4S Shield is a tribute to Steve Jobs and other functions will be revealed in January 2012 at the De Bethune exhibition at Hotel des Berges, in Geneva.

No price has been announced yet, though customers interested in this type of object would not likely ask such trivial questions.

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