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UK Goal 'Best Broadband in Europe' by 2015

According to Telecom giant BT, Britain is putting every effort to fulfill the government's aim for the country to experience the "best broadband in Europe" by the year 2015.

Group Director of Strategy Policy and Portfolio for BT, Sean Williams said, "We will be top of the major league, certainly if not by 2015, then by very soon after," as reported by The Telegraph.

Jeremy Hunt, British Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, seems highly satisfied and all charged up with the developments taking place within the digital infrastructure of Britain. Hunt also echoed the same sentiment and said that it will enable consumers as well as businesses to transport large files and also steam television, movies, or music.

Even though this goal is "challenging," in collaboration with Fujitsu, Virgin, and others, the UK will most likely reach its target. This claim is based on a comparison with peers on various parameters like geography and other characteristics, said Williams.

According to Williams "capacity" is the only factor folding them back, according to reports published in The Telegraph.