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Video Game Piracy in UK Costs £1 billion per year

According to research conducted by Envisional, the illegal downloading of video games has gone up by 20 percent in the last five years. The statistics published by Envisional also revealed that 2010's top five games were accessed illegally almost one million times.

The gaming industry is not only concerned, but also wants to highlight to gamers that piracy of games can cause harm to the future of console games as popular blockbuster titles require "real money" to produce.

Chairman of the association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE), Andy Payne said, "[Some] 200, 250 people sat in a studio for two years building the latest Modern Warfare 3. This costs real money," as published (opens in new tab) by BBC.

Statistics published by UKIE in January 2011 showed that for every game sold four are pirated illegally, which costs the UK video game industry over £1 billion per year.

At present, to do away with the problems of illegal downloading of movies, music as well as games in UK, the government is trying to implement the Digital Economy Act under which various methods like warning letters may be used to deter piracy, as reported (opens in new tab) by Tech Radar.