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Sony Announces UMD Passport Program for PS Vita Buyers

Japanese gaming giant Sony has launched a new PS Vita feature in hopes of attracting more gamers when it is launched next year.

The company introduced UMD Passport, a feature which when downloaded on PS Vita, will allow users to purchase digital copies of their existing UMD games at a discounted price between £4 and £12 or between 500 to 1000 Yen.

Gamers would first be required to access their existing PSP consoles and registers all of the UMD that they own with the platform.

Apart from asking gamers to pay again for the games that they already owned, Sony has limited the number of games whose digital versions can be downloaded to 200, from around 40 game publishers reports

The feature, initially to be available only in Japan, will allow users to register their UMD with their PSN accounts, for downloading their digital version, if available. The company hasn't made any announcement regarding the UK launch of the service.

Some of the games that will be available for download include Gran Turismo, Persona 3, Phantom Kingdom, and Akiba's Trip. Games from popular publishers Square Enix, Falcom, Capcom, Konami and Sega will also feature in the list some time later.