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Apple's iPhone 4S Launches amid Hysteria across Asia

The release of Apple's new star iPhone turned into a festive and chaotic event in Asian markets this Friday. Thousands of fans waiting for hours in front of stores, celebrities counting down the time until the day the highly coveted smartphone was released, made the introduction of iPhone 4S into one big celebration.

In Hong Kong, where iPhone 4S stocks were exhausted in the first 10 - 15 minutes of pre-ordering, more than 3000 people gathered in front of the local Apple Store. Since Apple allowed only 1250 the customers to stay in line, police needed to intervene to calm things down.

Some of the people waiting in line came from the Chinese mainland because they couldn't wait for the official release there, reports (opens in new tab) revealed. In South Korea and New Zealand, the release was announced at midnight and actors and sport stars led the festivities.

Korea Telecom rewarded its first 100 customers with drinks and prizes. Meanwhile rival SK Telecom organised the iPhone 4S first celebratory sale at midnight for 100 customers and artists performed at the company headquarters.

iPhone 4S has had undeniable initial success on every new market it has entered, despite the issues with battery life; but it seems to be performing under Apple's expectations according to a recent report that the company is cutting orders from suppliers for Q4.

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