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2,000 newspapers come to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, from the PressReader application

Canadian email device maker Research In Motion has made public the news that the PressReader news app is to be preloaded on the BlackBerrytablet device, which brings with it more than 2,000 replica newspapers to the PlayBook.

The PressReader app offers one-click access to full newspapers, from over 96 different countries on the tablet with 2,000+ titles for $0.99 an issue, from the company's publishing partners.

NewspaperDirect, the company behind PressReader, brings to the BlackBerry PlayBook publications such as The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, International Herald, Irish Times, La Presse, La Tribune, Le Journal de Montréal, Le Monde, National Post, The Australian and The Globe and Mail.

The app uses the RIM’s tablet high-resolution display to present newspapers as complete digital replicas of the printed versions, where users can swipe from page to page to get a quick overview of the news — just as they would with the real newspaper.

Other features of the software are that any article can also be magnified; flipping into portrait or landscape mode; panning and zoom articles and images. There is also the easy navigation of titles using page thumbnails or tables of contents; reading the full articles in text view, or using the built-in text-to-speech feature; with online publication search and the automated daily download of select titles and article sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

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