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4Chan hit with DDoS attack, Lulzsec accused

Update, 14:58 GMT: 4Chan is now accessible, but it's incredibly slow. It seems that the DDoS is continuing.

Imageboard 4Chan has been down by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack - and some fingers are pointing at the hacking group Lulzsec. The Anons, it seems, are getting a taste of their own medicine.

The announcement came from the official 4Chan twitter, with it also pointing users towards the status page to provide updates on the attack.

A number of posts on the site allege that hacking group Lulzsec is responsible, but there's nothing to back that up on of the group's Twitter accounts or related news sites.

4Chan has had a history of bad blood with other groups on the internet, with a spate of DDoS attacks occurring late last year between the site and rival image blogging site Tumblr.

This DDoS occured just one day before an intended 4Chan attack on Tumblr, so a pre-emptive strike would make some sort of sense. Though in the world of intra-site DDoS wars there isn't a lof of that to be found.

As yet, 4Chan-spawned 'hacktivist' collective Anonymous doesn't appear to have offered any comment - so for now, everything is speculation. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.