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Eric Schmidt: Citizens Using Tools to Keep Governments in Check

On Saturday, Google chairman Eric Schmidt commented that the wired-up citizens by exercising their newfound power of internet to keep a check on abuse of rights will keep "government on their toes".

During the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Honolulu, the chairman told to business leaders that, "In nations and communities around the world, citizens are turning to online tools to keep their governments honest," reported News 24.

To prove his point he pointed to the demonstrations that toppled Tunisia as well as Egypt leaders and it all began with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which were used by the activist to organize protests, co-ordinate different events as well as to broadcast various events to the world.

52 percent of the total global population is currently under 30 years of age and as they are the most prolific internet users they enjoy somewhat bigger share of saying on any issue.

Schmidt added that, "They are the ones who are online, that's how you reach them, that's how they talk to each other. They share applications and proxy and circumvention tools and help magnify each others' causes".

At the same time he commented that the online reports might be exaggerated and that out of seven billion global population only approximately two billion people are online and thus there is plenty of room for expansion.